Coffee Shop Love

IMG_1839I love cute coffee shops. The ambiance makes them perfect places for relaxing with a book, doing work, or going on coffee dates with friends. Delicious drinks and pastries only make the experience better. Depending on what kind of activity you have in mind, some are more quiet and better suited to busy work, while others are bustling and full of energy.
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Stationary Affection

Chic and cute notebooks have always held a soft spot near my heart. As an English major I am constantly writing, be it light poetry or creative prose. Am I the only one that still finds it more satisfying to use physical pen and paper to jot down ideas with? If you have also amassed a collection of notebooks or want to start one, here are some ideas on different ways you can use them to be the most productive.
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Velvet Dress

Velvet is a fabric that feels luxurious to wear because it is soft to the touch while still keeping you warm on slightly cooler days. This type of slip dress is very versatile because you can wear it by itself for a sultry evening look, or layered over a thin sweater like this one for a chic daytime outfit. The tan color of the dress pairs well with other neutral shades, and I wore it with nude tone heels to create a seamless form that elongates the legs.

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Whimsical Spring Details

Springtime always reminds me of fresh flowers and bright sunny days. To reflect this uplifting season, I have been adding new accessories into outfits. Rose gold accents are a favourite, because they evoke a graceful whimsy. One piece in particular is this girly and feminine watch from JORD. It is part of their new Cora series, which features sapphire crystal glass. This watch looks lovely paired with light neutrals, which makes it a wonderful accessory for spring. Continue reading