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Cozy Autumn

As the seasons change it is the perfect time to explore the outdoors; the scent and crunch of colourful leaves under warm boots and the crispness of the autumn air enveloping you in a cool hug is simply magical. Nature is so incredibly beautiful and majestic here on the West Coast!img-20161008-wa00042October marks the time for warm sweaters, hot apple cider and visits to the pumpkin patch. Continue reading

Meditation Series: Crystal Basics


Decorative Crystals: Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Red Tiger Eye, Snowflake Obsidian

Crystals are not only stunning decorative pieces, but can be used for meditation purposes as well. These beautiful stones of nature give off specific energy vibrations, and these energy frequencies or pulses can harnessed for personal use. The history of these stones is extensive and spans through the ages, with everyone from ancient healers to alchemists using them. Today I will be sharing my personal experience with crystals and how to incorporate the stones into your daily life. This basic guide for beginners will give you a starting point and hopefully encourage you to do more research into crystal properties.
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Black+Blue Review

The Roof at Black+Blue restaurant is one of my favourite rooftop patios. It is part of the Glowbal restaurant group and they have an amazing cocktail hour from 2:30-5:30pm. The interior design and sophisticated atmosphere are the best parts of coming here; you ride up a special glass elevator to the top floor, which is akin to an outdoor oasis in this concrete jungle. The lounge area has cozy seating with fireplaces, light music, and a view of the top of the city. Perfect for a girls’ chat over drinks or date night.

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Meditation Series: Burning Sage

Sage is said to have medicinal qualities, and can be used to help clear the air to make room for good energies. I bought my smudge stick from a crystal shop and the lady was kind enough to explain its various properties and how to use it. You can use sage fresh or dried, not only as a cooking spice but for meditation purposes as well. You can also find the loose leaf form from your local grocers or natural health stores. This ancient herb has been used extensively as a meditation tool for centuries, especially by the Indigenous Peoples in North America. My first impression of the scent was that it was very clean and sweet. Sage has a distinctly alluring smell with cloying herbal notes and a subtle musk that lingers. Once lit, a more grassy and smoky scent is revealed.

There are many methods of using sage; first, you can brew sage tea with the leaves and hot water. Also, you can light the end of the smudge stick and walk around your room, turning it in a counter-clockwise motion, to clear the air of non-positive energies and revitalize your space. You can also use it to clear crystals, when moving into a new place, and over your pillow. For meditation, I like to light the herbal incense in its loose leaf form on a small glass dish (you only need a very small amount) and place it next to my yoga mat. Watching the smoke swirl into artistic designs in the air is very visually pleasing, and soon the scent wafts forward to envelop your senses. Continue reading