Monthly Archives: November 2016

Corporate Charm

This outfit is perfect for work and corporate events where you want to be professional yet stay chic. You can layer a blazer on top or switch out the heels to flats for optimal versatility. This Club Monaco top is nicely structured because it flows out and can actually be worn with the v-neck facing the front or back. The fabric is thick and sturdy, which lends it a higher quality feel. The Aritzia skirt balances the look out; I like to pair a looser top with a tighter piece or vice versa to keep the outfit proportional.
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Natural Skincare Routine 2016

Over the last few years I have slowly cleaned out my hair and skincare drawer to incorporate more natural brands into a daily routine. The benefits of switching to more natural ingredients is that you will feel better about what you am lathering onto yourself, and many of these products have multiple uses so you end up purchasing less! You can find the items online or at Whole Foods. In between trying new products, these are the ones I usually go back to.






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Arc Restaurant

Last night we visited Arc Restaurant located in the Fairmont Waterfront hotel. First off, the design and ambiance of the venue was stunning and beautiful. It had West Coast flair with a modern layout, floor to ceiling glass windows, marble fireplaces and live music which all came together to create a lovely experience. Festive decorations were also drawn up throughout the large establishment.

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West Oak Review


We went to West Oak on a whim, so did not have time to make a reservation but were able to snatch seats in the lounge area; which was very cozy and shared the same amazing ambiance as the rest of the venue. This was during the Taste of Yaletown event that occurs every year, where select restaurants showcase a set menu for patrons. It gives you a valid excuse to visit and try different establishments! Lighting was romantic but very dim so please excuse the photo quality; the table had a small candle which added a charming touch to the evening.

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Holiday Dress

Now that December is arriving next month, with it comes my favourite time of year because of the season’s festive celebrations and whimsical charm. Staying cozy with warm scarves and hot chocolate while reading a book by the fire is wonderful, and Christmas music always puts me in a fun lighthearted spirit. In addition to building gingerbread houses and snow castles, you may be on the search for that perfect festive outfit.


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