Arc Restaurant

Last night we visited Arc Restaurant located in the Fairmont Waterfront hotel. First off, the design and ambiance of the venue was stunning and beautiful. It had West Coast flair with a modern layout, floor to ceiling glass windows, marble fireplaces and live music which all came together to create a lovely experience. Festive decorations were also drawn up throughout the large establishment.

dsc00194 We were seated right next to a marble fireplace which provided much needed warmth after making our way through the chilly night.


We looked through the menu and decided to try the Arc Board ($49/person) which came with three different proteins layered on top of seasonal vegetables. There was delicious sablefish that was soft inside yet lightly crisp outside, chicken breast that was well seasoned over small mounds of quinoa, and finally two portions of savoury beef that melted in the mouth. Two quaint sauce containers were also placed on the board with the chef’s selection; one light and creamy sauce while the other held a rich and dark flavour profile. This tasting board will change with the seasons so you will always have the chance to try new varieties; it is also plated on a wooden board that was too large for our table!

arc dsc00177We also ordered some skillet bread and thus were exceptionally full by the end of our meal. The bread was made with honey alongside various herbs and came with lavender butter, so the end result was intriguingly sweet!


Overall I would definitely recommend visiting this ocean view restaurant for its beautifully modern interior design.




Taste 4/5

Ambiance 5/5

Location 4.5/5

Service 4/5