The Art of Reinventing

Change is wonderful. As human beings we are constantly evolving, learning, and bettering ourselves on this journey called life. I wanted to take you through some personal steps for turning over a fresh leaf through renewing your style and relationships.

First, determine exactly what it is you want. What are your personal, health, financial, business, or spiritual goals? What do you really want out of life? Vivid visualization is important, and the more specific the better. To control your thoughts is to control your life. A great read is Maximum Achievement by Brian Tracy. The author teaches how to rewire your brain for success and properly attend to making goals become reality with visualizations and affirmations that lead to action plans.

In regards to fashion, this is a visual representation of how you want to portray yourself to others, and is a great tool to highlight your personality. Growing up I went through many fashion phases; it was fun trying crazily assembled outfits in search for unique, dynamic style. Nowadays, as an adult I’ve developed a more sophisticated and minimalistic approach to fashion. With that said, do allow yourself the freedom to incorporate edgier or more colourful pieces when the mood strikes; style should express your inner vibe and that can change often depending on your mood. However, for the most part I know my preferences and what looks good; streamlined pieces, quality fabrics, and a more classic aesthetic is what I am now drawn to. When it comes to fashion, have fun with it! You are allowed to grow as time goes by. You are allowed to change. Start by taking small steps, such as adding a new accessory to your usual jewellery, or incorporate more colour into your wardrobe if you usually only wear black.

Finally, when it comes to your emotional wellbeing, let go of anyone who does not treat you with respect, or any thoughts that are not pushing you forward; check out my lovely fellow blogger’s advice on shedding your past. Instead, surround yourself with people that make you smile. Sometimes friendships come and go in life, and that’s okay. The friends I have chosen to keep are all amazing, positive and supportive people.  In conclusion, take this time to visualize your dream life, and actually take action in the form of small steps in that direction. Play around with style and have fun with it!