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Benefits of Collagen

collagen2Collagen is a naturally occurring protein found in our bodies, and contributes to maintaining healthy, vibrant skin. It has many benefits, including revitalizing skin elasticity, boosting your metabolism and aiding digestion, as well as helping with bone and hair strength. In this post I am sharing a recipe for a skin-boosting antioxidant smoothie bowl, as well as the results of trying Vital Proteins collagen over the past few weeks.
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Coffee Shop Love

IMG_1839I love cute coffee shops. The ambiance makes them perfect places for relaxing with a book, doing work, or going on coffee dates with friends. Delicious drinks and pastries only make the experience better. Depending on what kind of activity you have in mind, some are more quiet and better suited to busy work, while others are bustling and full of energy.
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Cafe Medina Review

Cafe Medina is a lovely option for Mediterranean brunch in downtown Vancouver because of its charming ambiance. Polished wood, lights, and bright windows add to this spot’s cozy cafe vibes. However, the location is tucked into a side street which might be harder to find at first. They are always very busy, especially near the weekend. My friend and I were not able to get seats at a table so instead opted to sit at the bar area where the music was louder than usual. The waffles are amazing but the other day we ordered two different dishes to try. I had Le Complet comprised of sunny side up eggs with a tangy salad and flat iron steak slices served with crostini that had a light dusting of cheese on top. That particular dish showed fabulous presentation and was a delightful mix of flavours. My lovely friend ordered the Paella which came in a skillet pan and was spicy; the warmth of the rice was nice as the weather was quite chilly outside. Overall Cafe Medina is a good place to try if you are visiting this particular city and I will be coming back for their matcha latte and waffles next time!

Arc Restaurant

Last night we visited Arc Restaurant located in the Fairmont Waterfront hotel. First off, the design and ambiance of the venue was stunning and beautiful. It had West Coast flair with a modern layout, floor to ceiling glass windows, marble fireplaces and live music which all came together to create a lovely experience. Festive decorations were also drawn up throughout the large establishment.

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West Oak Review


We went to West Oak on a whim, so did not have time to make a reservation but were able to snatch seats in the lounge area; which was very cozy and shared the same amazing ambiance as the rest of the venue. This was during the Taste of Yaletown event that occurs every year, where select restaurants showcase a set menu for patrons. It gives you a valid excuse to visit and try different establishments! Lighting was romantic but very dim so please excuse the photo quality; the table had a small candle which added a charming touch to the evening.

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Black+Blue Review

The Roof at Black+Blue restaurant is one of my favourite rooftop patios. It is part of the Glowbal restaurant group and they have an amazing cocktail hour from 2:30-5:30pm. The interior design and sophisticated atmosphere are the best parts of coming here; you ride up a special glass elevator to the top floor, which is akin to an outdoor oasis in this concrete jungle. The lounge area has cozy seating with fireplaces, light music, and a view of the top of the city. Perfect for a girls’ chat over drinks or date night.

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