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Laneige Skincare Review

For those of you looking for a skincare line to try, here is a review on Laneige’s hydration range. This skincare set was a lovely birthday gift, and I wanted to share the results with you after using it for the past couple of months. Laneige is a renowned Korean skincare brand and this is their Hydration Trial Kit, which comes in a cute light blue makeup bag. During the winter my skin does get more dry so this was a great time to test out the products’ effectiveness. Continue reading

Natural Skincare Routine 2016

Over the last few years I have slowly cleaned out my hair and skincare drawer to incorporate more natural brands into a daily routine. The benefits of switching to more natural ingredients is that you will feel better about what you am lathering onto yourself, and many of these products have multiple uses so you end up purchasing less! You can find the items online or at Whole Foods. In between trying new products, these are the ones I usually go back to.






Continue reading