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Minimalism Journey: Tips on Getting Started

Everyone has a different definition of “minimalism” so let’s first clarify what we’ll be talking about on this blog. My definition that we’ll use here is that minimalism is the process of finding freedom in having less. It’s a physical representation of your emotional state. One can tell a lot about someone based on how they mold their physical surroundings.

Over the past few years I have reduced the items in my wardrobe by an estimated 80%. Seriously. This was a long journey that was done through routine closet purges every few months. Minimalism allows you to collect high quality, long lasting articles of clothing, versus an abundance of lesser quality items. I’d rather have one expensive well made blouse than five flimsy ones that you have to replace every season. Another benefit of having less is that it’s way easier to choose an outfit to wear. Every time I get rid of an item that’s not adding value to my life, there is such relief. The feeling is simply euphoric.

An emotional relinquishing has to be provided before a physical manifestation can take place. You can find power and gain control of your life through conscious release of the non-positive. You’re essentially saying, “No, I do not need this in my life. I refuse to give it power. I let it go.” This is the type of paradigm shifting that helped me a lot in the past. Last year, in one of my literature courses we were reading about Oscar Wilde (really fascinating person) and in his piece The House Beautiful, he said something very profound. It went along the lines of “have nothing in your house that is not useful or beautiful.” The truth of that concept really resonated with me because it was rational and sensible. Why own material objects that add nothing of value to your life? Why cling to useless items that aren’t even aesthetically pleasing? Many people hold on to sentimental belongings, but you if you really want to cherish the past, know that the memories you choose to remember will always be with you.

Letting go is so much better, trust me.