Coloured Smoke Photography Tips

IMG_2036dIf you’ve seen photos of beautiful coloured smoke photography and wondered how the mysterious effects are created, here are some tips for using coloured smoke to help you capture mesmerizing photos.


We got these coloured smoke grenades from Enola Gaye, and you can find similar ones online. They come in a variety of colours, for example: red, blue, purple, yellow, green and grey.

Choose a day that is not windy, because any wind will disperse the smoke and you won’t get the desired effect. Sunny days are preferable but it also depends on the type of mood you are going for. With smoke photos I have seen people go for either a dreamy mystical vibe in a nature background such as a forest where you would wear for example flowing dresses, or go for a grungy futuristic streetwear look.

The smoke bombs only last for two minutes at most so you have the set the shutter speed up high and have the more people helping the better. On this particular day we had a team of two photographers to capture the most images from different angles.

We interchanged the photographers and being the model in focus, and also had an additional person run around in the background holding on to the smoke device, distributing it so it resembled a misty fog. The other option would be to hold on to the tool itself and have the smoke come out around you that way. Both ways give you a cool effect.



Outfit Details:

Leather Jacket Vero Moda

Dress Dynamite

Shoes Aldo


Photoshoot Team:

Misha L.

Erin C.

Kenny L.