Meditation Series: Crystal Basics


Decorative Crystals: Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Red Tiger Eye, Snowflake Obsidian

Crystals are not only stunning decorative pieces, but can be used for meditation purposes as well. These beautiful stones of nature give off specific energy vibrations, and these energy frequencies or pulses can harnessed for personal use. The history of these stones is extensive and spans through the ages, with everyone from ancient healers to alchemists using them. Today I will be sharing my personal experience with crystals and how to incorporate the stones into your daily life. This basic guide for beginners will give you a starting point and hopefully encourage you to do more research into crystal properties.

Where to Find: Crystals can be found in special crystal stores around your city. You can also purchase them at metaphysical stores, lifestyle boutiques, or online shops. Alternatively, you can also discover crystals when going on nature walks if you search hard enough.

How to Choose: When looking for crystals, it is likely that you will be face with many options. Let your spiritual side seek and choose for you. When it feels right, you will be drawn to a certain stone and feel a connection with it. If you are seeking a certain function such as clarity or healing, you can search for a specific type of stone.

Cleansing, Charging and Clearing: After buying your crystals, you should always clean them before allowing them into your life. This is because crystals absorb the energies in their surroundings, regardless if they are positive or non-positive. You can do this through sage leaf burning or by placing directly under sunlight. I like to submerge mine in a glass bowl with filtered water and a small amount of sea salt for at least a day, putting it on a windowsill that faces southward. This will ensure that no non-positive residue that the crystal may have come into contact with before you purchased it. Note that not all crystals can be placed into a water solution or under intense sun exposure so double-check beforehand.

Crystal Uses & Examples

Home Decor: Crystals create excellent accent pieces for your home. To name a few ideas, you can use them as paperweights, bookends on shelves, coffee table fixtures, as well as additions to an art collection.

Jewelry: Another common use for crystals is to incorporate them into necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings. They add a certain je ne sais quoi to an outfit and work well if you are aiming for an ethereal, free-spirited and airy vibe.

Sapphire Necklace from him

Sapphire necklace (gift) accents a cashmere sweater

As well as being my birthstone, blue sapphire connects to the throat chakra which makes it perfect as a necklace. Known to be soothing, calming and healing; also aids in communication.

Positive Manifestation: Each type of crystal relates to a chakra point. For example, emeralds are associated with the heart, while diamonds influence your crown chakra. Identifying and understanding these relationships will allow you to place specific crystals over their respective energy points during your meditation practice. This will aid in focusing and centering thoughts to manifest positive outcomes in your life.

White Light Visualization: Clear quartz is very common and can be used to charge other crystals. Its colour is near white and often opaque. You can use a clear quartz wand to can white-light yourself in the morning by picturing a bright beam of positive luminescence while holding on to the wand and picturing that glow enveloping your entire form. This will shield you throughout the day and bolster peace and calmness.

Crystal Pendulums: To aid in decision making, one can consult a pendulum. If you are as indecisive as me, sometimes this is useful in making small choices or when seeking spiritual guidance. It works by tapping into your subconscious mind and bringing to light what you really want; tiny movements through the tips of your fingers will move the edge of the pendulum towards an answer to a yes or no question. Holding the strings lightly in one hand, start moving it back and forth, round in circles to activate it. Focus on yes. Notice if the pendulum moves front and back or side to side. Do this a few times until you have decided that this movement represents agreement. Perform the same ritual with no to cement the association in your mind. You can start by asking simple questions to invoke an answer before moving onto more difficult questions. This is a great way to discover inner truths regarding how you may really feel about a person or situation.

Protection: While jade has been used in Eastern cultures for thousands of years, anyone can use this powerful crystal. The stone is made of a hard, brittle material and is light usually light green in colour with a shine when polished. Jade is mostly used as a protective agent. It is said that when jade breaks or cracks, it has actually saved you from some calamity, essentially shielding you from outside forces. Regardless of the veracity of that statement, I do feel a sense of security and safety when wearing my jade pendant. It is also popular to wear a jade bangle on your left wrist because that is closer to veins that lead to the heart, which is important because jade is a stone associated with the heart chakra. This crystal has an affinity towards water and sunlight so you really never need to take off jade accessories.

Love: There are an abundance of crystal types that relate to love. For example, rose quartz connects deeply with the heart chakra. Relax and place the stone on top of your heart when meditating, or carry around a rose quartz pocket stone with you in your bag.

Sleep: Crystals can help optimize your quality of rest. I sleep next to an amethyst crystal and also use a large jade pillow cover to ward off spiritual attacks that can occur when you’re peacefully sleeping or in a dream state. You can also keep a vase of dried lavender on the nightstand to promote calmness and sweet dreams.

Jade pendant & Jade pillowcase

Jade pendant & Jade pillowcase