Goodbye, Winter


Hi everyone,

This will be the first installment in a series with Zaful this month. These posts will include personal insights and life updates, so I am excited to be partnering with one of my favourite online boutiques because it’s where you can find affordable swimwear and cute trendy clothes. With spring and summer soon upon us, I was browsing through some poolside options and compiled some looks you can add to your summer wardrobe. I used to say that winter was my favourite season, and many of its aspects are still appealing. With that said, these past few months in particular were honestly quite gloomy weather wise. I was feeling a bit of the winter blues because of the cloudy skies and general overcast vibe of the city. It really makes a girl want to pack everything up and drive off to live in a location that has a sunnier climate. What really helped was actually taking Vitamin D gummies because my mood instantly lifted (not a medical professional; please consult your doctor before taking new supplements) so you can see why I’m really happy to say goodbye to this season soon.

Looking forward to warmer weather clothing has also been a fun pastime; a lot of the time even if I don’t buy anything, it’s entertaining to just browse online stores to keep up with new offerings and gain outfit ideas. For this retailer I always recommend buying swimwear from them since the clothing can be hit or miss sometimes; the last bikini I ordered was really high quality because the material was thick and had a smooth finish. This is awesome since you can pick up most of the bathing suits for around twenty dollars! Here are some examples:

Off The Shoulder Strappy Striped Bikini Set

Strappy Bikini Zaful

Underwire Plaid High Cut Bikini Set

Underwire Swimwear

Stripes, off the shoulder details, and gingham print are all trends that I’m loving right now. Cute exercise wear in general is a great motivator to work out more. This semester I’ve been making an effort to go to the gym twice a week to get summer body ready. The consistent workouts have turned into a habit, which is awesome because it’s part of a routine instead of something you’re forced to do. If you want to cover up more there are Push Up Tankini Zaful options that are fabulous because they cater to all sizes. Be sure to check back to this blog in the upcoming days because I’ll be continuing this series with two more installments specifically pertaining to springtime clothing and shoes. Until then, you can also check out the Zaful Blog for more fashion inspiration and styling tips!






disclaimer: sponsored by zaful. no affiliate links are used in this post and all opinions are my own.