Halloween Costume Ideas


With Halloween coming up, it’s time to start thinking about cool costumes. This is the one time a year you can dress up as anything in the world, from magical fairies to vampire hunters.  If you were struggling like me to come up with a unique look, Rosegal is having a great sale on their Halloween items. You can find a trendy outfit to suit pretty much every personality on the site. Unfortunately Halloween falls on a Tuesday this year, and I have a night class that day so might just wear my costume to class. I’m going for as a cop this year, which will be fun.

There are so many choices when it comes to outfits. You can wear something colourful and romantic, or be a wicked witch. Even if you aren’t dressing up in avant garde attire, you can still incorporate some of the season’s mood by sporting dark, muted fabrics with flourished silhouettes that lends a bit of Gothic flair. For example, this grey coat fits in at the waist and flares out after, which would be a really elegant and classy piece to wear.

Similarly, this black coat can also be worn on a daily basis, but the long length plus asymmetrical hem makes it special. Either way, have fun and enjoy yourself!





disclaimer: this post was brought to you by rosegal