Hello, Spring

hello, spring

The first day of spring arrives on the 20th of March this year. We are already seeing longer days because of Daylight Savings time, so the sun sets later which is wonderful. Spring is a time of renewal and revival, whether that be in nature or in our personal lives. In this second installment written in partnership with Zaful, I will be talking about spring dresses! Check out the final post here.

Springtime is reminiscence of flowers, gentle breezes by the water, and birds chirping in the air. When I think of clothing associated with the season, flowing dresses made of light materials always come to mind. This white mini dress has an adorable lemon print of it that would be perfect for this season. The simple slip silhouette is lovely too for a fun, cute outfit.Tied Printed Cut Out Mini DressHere are some more options for specifically embroidered dresses. Floral embroidery is still a trend that is very fitting for spring time. In the winter I wore a warm turtleneck sweater that had floral embroidery on the sleeves, but now that the temperature outside is warming up, a lighter dress would be more appropriate while still pertaining to the embellishment details.

Floral Patched Flounce Shift Dress

If you want to make a bold statement, then go for a bright, saturated colour. You can find some red dresses here in all sorts of styles. Red is a very powerful, strong shade and I think women who wear red exude confidence in a beautiful way. The texture of the fabric is just as important as the colour; therefore, choosing between muted matte or shiny metallic materials will depend on the occasion you intend to wear the garment for.

Cut Out Scalloped Mini Dress

To round out this curated selection of fashion inspo, you can find mermaid dresses here that are super fun to wear. The mermaid style clinches in around your curves and flares out at the bottom, which can be a flattering style. This particular bold tropical leaves print would be fantastic to put on during spring or summer to the beach or on vacation. Speaking of taking a vacation, I’ve recently been fascinated with watching videos of people who are digital nomads. They are not tied to a physical location, and often freelance or have their own online businesses. This freedom to work from anywhere in the world is a personal inspiration, and I take solace in already setting off on the path to being location independent, since blogging technically fits in that category. Hopefully you are enjoying reading this series, and have found outfit inspiration to embrace the changing seasons!
Tropical Print Ruffle Slip Summer Dress





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