Laneige Skincare Review

For those of you looking for a skincare line to try, here is a review on Laneige’s hydration range. This skincare set was a lovely birthday gift, and I wanted to share the results with you after using it for the past couple of months. Laneige is a renowned Korean skincare brand and this is their Hydration Trial Kit, which comes in a cute light blue makeup bag. During the winter my skin does get more dry so this was a great time to test out the products’ effectiveness.

The set comes with 6 items, and should be followed in order as a step-by-step routine for the best results.

Multi Cleanser: This product had a slight exfoliating aspect, which was great for taking off makeup and sunscreen. It really left the skin feeling extremely clean.

Essential Skin Toner: Ended up going through this product the quickest because it was used twice daily, in the morning and at night. The toner is very refreshing and has the added benefit of balancing out your skin’s pH levels.

Balancing Emulsion: This formula had a soft lotion texture that really absorbed into the skin without leaving any residue. Using this does require an extra step so you can also use it by itself after toner if you are going for a lighter routine. The product was also more difficult to apply because you would have to shake it out of the bottle.

Water Bank Serum: This may have to have been my favourite product in the set, as it was lightweight on the face while still feeling nourishing. Also, the pump applicator made it really quick and easy to use.

Want Bank Moisturizer: This came in handy for those dry cold winter days where the skin is less hydrated compared to summer months. This cream was very rich so I only used it before heading out into chilly outside temperatures.

Water Sleeping Mask: This is an overnight facial mask that is supposed to be put on before sleep to soak into your skin. Did not get to use this one as much as the other products.

Overall, this line contains a very moisturizing and nourishing formula so I would recommend it to anyone with more dry skin. The scent does contain a light floral fragrance so keep that in mind. You can use all the products in order or apply whichever you feel your skin needs at the moment. After using the set my skin did feel more soft than before.