Mexico Travel Diary 2017

IMG_3843This summer I embarked on a trip to Playa Del Carmen in Riviera Maya, Mexico. This was our fourth time in the country because it is only a couple hours flight from Canada so quick to get to. We traveled one day to Tulum, where we visited fascinating Mayan ruins. The ancient archaeological site was so cool to explore and learn the Aztec history of the people there. We got a lot of bug bites that day as it was the rainy season. The tour included riding ATVs trucks to go rappelling into an underwater cave, where we then snorkeled in. Also tried ziplining for the first time through the jungle so overall it was an epic adventure. V03_0023 RP2_0121

On the first day of the trip my phone was accidentally broken by a family member so had to take a break from technology for over a week, during which I managed to read almost nine novels! It was nice to relax at the beach and forget about daily tasks. The water in the ocean was crystal clear so we could even see fish swimming around.  Our Riu resort was all-inclusive, so we were blessed with amazing food and unlimited drinks (may have had too much tequila) the whole trip. There was even a chocolate fountain! Of course I had to take a whole bunch of food photos for you:IMG_3888 IMG_3895IMG_3885IMG_3831 IMG_3879 IMG_3884chocolate fountainIMG_3887