Winter Shoes

Winter High Heel Thigh Boots

Here’s a secret: I am actually very minimal when it comes to my wardrobe, despite being a fashion blogger. You would think that I have a mountain of clothes, handbags and shoes, but in reality I try really hard to keep it to a capsule wardrobe with a few trendy pieces mixed in every season. It’s a fine line because I love fashion and how certain clothes can make you feel, but having too much clutter emotionally stresses me out so every few months I will do an entire closet purge. This is where I clean out everything that I no longer wear (thinking about doing a whole post dedicated to wardrobe clean out) to make room for potential new additions.

The only times I will splurge on clothing purchases is when there is a sale going on, so with Boxing Day coming up soon restocking closet essentials has been on my mind. With that said, I don’t really want to brave the physical retail stores this year with all the crowded mayhem. Last year we went and could not find anything in stores, so this year I’ve been browsing instead on online fashion blogs and magazines such as newchic coupon for ideas. Specifically, I have been in search of winter boots for women because living in this part of Canada it snows and rains all the time. Had to learn hard way earlier this week that my so-called snow boots were not even waterproof! The two styles of shoes that I have fallen in love with this past year are mules and over the knee boots.

Being petite, I tend to look for high heel boots to appear taller. Every extra inch of height counts! Newchic in particular has a selection of leather ankle boots that are super cute. These handmade leather boots are both functional and stylish.

Suede Sexy High Heel Party Zipper Short Boots







disclaimer: while this post was sponsored by newchic, all opinions are my own.