3 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Roses

For those of you who love having flowers, have you ever wondered what else you can use them for instead of throwing them away afterwards? Recently I received some beautiful roses and here are a few ideas for you that are fun to try:

1. Dried Rose Petal Satchels

Take the petals off the flowers and place on a flat surface in a dark, dry space. Let them aerate for a few days. Once they have completely dehydrated, combine with other dried flowers (I used lavender here) or fragrant herbs into small cloth bags you can find in any crafts store. These cute satchels can be turned into any size and are great to throw in your closet, laundry room, the car or anywhere else that could use a fresh, floral scent enhancement.

2. Mason Jar Rose Water

Yes, you can also make rose water over a stove but this is a lot easier. Simply fill a clean mason jar a third of the way with fresh rose petals and pour in extremely hot water the rest of the way. Stir it around every so often until the mixture cools, and adjust it with more flowers or water depending on the intensity you are going for. Afterwards, strain out the petals and distribute the rose water into a spray bottle. You can apply it as a floral room spray, a soothing natural facial toner, or even mixed in drinks. There are a myriad of uses for rose water!

3. Bath Decorations

Nothing makes a bath feel as luxurious as lovely rose petals strewn around with candles and music. You can arrange the loose rose petals around the exterior of your tub as well as having them float over the water. Click here for how to have a relaxing pamper night!