Seasonal Shoes

seasonal shoes

This is the third and last installment with Zaful to welcome spring and say farewell to winter. The theme of this series has been about the changing of seasons, and with that i picked out some shoes that will help you make the transition to warmer months as we go into the middle of the year. You can find a vast array of women shoes on the site, including a selection of brown heeled sandals which would be great for spring. Floral Embroidery Ankle Strap Sandals

Suede Pointed Toe Over The Knee Boots

Depending on the geographical location you reside in, the temperature could drastically vary. For example, over the knee boots would still be fine to wear in colder areas, whereas if you are closer to the equator then strappy sandals may be more suitable. Honestly, I have been looking at over the knee boots these past two winters but have not invested in a pair because being a petite shorter girl they tend to swallow up my whole leg and don’t stay up well. With that said, if you find a pair that fits well with your body type, over the knee boots can easily be transitioned to spring by pairing them with skirts or shorts instead of long pants or denim. Personally I think this type of boot looks best when one leaves an inch or two of space above it. Of course, if you live somewhere warmer I would stay away from thick boots. Since we probably all appreciate comfort, having breathable shoes are essential in hot climates.

If you aren’t a fan of high heels but still want that added boost of height, consider a pair of wedge shoes which provide more balance because your body weight will be more evenly distributed across the entire platform versus having it situated on the front and end. Of course, my spring staple shoe wise are mules, because they are essentially “sophisticated slippers” being both so quick and easy to slide on yet still making you look elegant. A point of contention here: mules and slides are not the same! Technically mules are closed toe shoes while slides are open but most people interchange the terms. The two styles are very similar so it’s understandable. You can find mules in both heeled and flat versions. I own both types and have to say that despite the first pair being block heels, the flats are more comfortable to wear for long periods of time.
Rhinestone Lace Embellished Mules Shoes

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