Coffee Shop Love

IMG_1839I love cute coffee shops. The ambiance makes them perfect places for relaxing with a book, doing work, or going on coffee dates with friends. Delicious drinks and pastries only make the experience better. Depending on what kind of activity you have in mind, some are more quiet and better suited to busy work, while others are bustling and full of energy.

A while back I met up with the beautiful Misha (always amazing seeing Instagram friends in real life) to enjoy coffee and sweet treats at Dalina, a local cafe with bright minimal decor. I loved that they offered almond milk and soy milk options. They even had sparkling and still water on tap! Talk about attention to detail. Overall I think trying out different coffeeshops in your city is a great excuse to get out of the house and a wonderful way to spend an afternoon.


Outfit Details:

Necklace Mejuri

Bracelet Pandora

Dress Hollister

Shoes Aldo