Stationary Affection

Chic and cute notebooks have always held a soft spot near my heart. As an English major I am constantly writing, be it light poetry or creative prose. Am I the only one that still finds it more satisfying to use physical pen and paper to jot down ideas with? If you have also amassed a collection of notebooks or want to start one, here are some ideas on different ways you can use them to be the most productive.

Weekly Planner: To keep track of work and course assignments, upcoming events and list of tasks to accomplish throughout the month. This works best if it contains a calendar spread for each month as well.

Daily Agenda: For on to go handheld use, this should be a small agenda that can be easily tucked into your bag to bring around throughout busy days or while travelling. The agenda can be segmented by date and week and is more for errands and to-do lists.

Creative Journal: For inspirational quotes, passion projects, goal-setting and visualization purposes. You can use it for any random writing that doesn’t fall into other categories.

Dream Diary: You can use a dream diary to keep track of your dreams when you wake up in the morning. This would be a fun diary to have if you want to see how your subconscious state progresses over time.

Poetry Collection: If you are a fan of writing poetry, keeping around a small thin notebook to hold your poetry collection is great; it is the perfect size to slip into your purse for those long car rides. After you finish writing it in the book can become a keepsake to go back to in the future.

Blogger Journal: A separate notebook is where most of the planning for this blog happily resides in. I use it to jot down ideas for blog posts, and to schedule social media content. You can tailor this to your own profession or side hobby.

As an aside, I do have this silly habit of ripping out agenda pages after each week is over – personally it feels like they just take up space, and the physical metaphor of letting go of the past provides an amazing sense of relief, even if the pages are pretty lightweight. Hope this post gave you some inspiration on ways you can utilize all those unused notebooks you may have!

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