Sunglasses are a fun accessory to sport, especially during the summer months. These vibrant sunglasses from SETSCLUB are incredibly cool because you can customize the colour of the sides! The hinges snap on and off with ease, so you can mix and match the shade depending on your outfit that day.

There are two versions to choose from: the Work Set is your everyday style for all occasions, and consist of simple and classic black frames and lenses. You can make them fun by switching out the sides, or keep them simple with the matching sides. As for the Play Set, they feature mirrored lenses which I love because the rosy reflective surface is just so beautiful.

Both can be used on the go while doing various outdoor activities. You can even choose between polarized lenses or non-polarized lenses. These would be perfect to wear on holidays and vacations to tropical locations. In addition, what’s great about them is that the sunglasses are unisex, so they make wonderful gifts for friends and family.

Also, the sunglasses themselves are quite lightweight and come with a nice fabric bag to hold them in. The design of the frames have a classic shape, and they also protect against UV rays. Even better, you can use the code “FAME30” to receive an amazing 30% off!







Disclaimer: SETSCLUB was kind enough to provide the sunglasses for review. All opinions are my own.


  1. Tiffany

    I really love this post! I’m actually thinking about getting myself a whole set…they look so cute! I actually really like Wayfares because I always find that anything else is too small or hits my cheeks too much!

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