Vital Cafe Review

Located at 686 Powell Street, Vital Blend Bar is a new cafe that opened up in Vancouver a few months ago. I recently visited this cute space with a friend and we were mesmerized by the charming interior decor. The setting is bright and open, with a fresh vibe from green plant accents. You first walk in and are greeted by beautiful tile artwork, and the decor is minimal with expansive windows.

The menu consists primarily of smoothies and plant-based bowls, with some breakfast and other drink options thrown in. What’s amazing is that all of their fare is dairy-free, gluten-free and sourced locally! I found it really cool that instead of cow’s milk you can choose between almond, coconut, or hemp milk in your coffee.

We tried the Renew Smoothie which had kale, wheatgrass and spinach in it but actually tasted sweet from the apple and maple ingredients. My friend had the Golden Milk Latte that had tumeric in it (I usually put that spice in savoury dishes but in this drink the taste was cleverly hidden and turned into bright latte art). While Vancouver has an abundance of healthy snack options, Vital Supply Co. also does meal plan delivery service so it’s even more convenient if you’re trying to embrace a healthier lifestyle.