Trendy Transitional Fashion Picks 2017

This time of year is the transitional period between summer and fall, so I wanted to share some online fashion tops for women that are on trend. Right now I am obsessed with off the shoulder tops, as you can see in the images above. Floral prints, chokers, lace up details and stripes are also in style this season as I have seen them on many other fashion bloggers.

I do like to shop online, for example at Yoins, because you can find the newest trendy pieces at really affordable prices, or sometimes I am looking for a specific piece that physical stores might not carry yet. Also, because of the wide selection and variety of items, you’re not as likely to run into another girl wearing the exact same outfit! The best part is opening up mail packages because it feels akin to having presents arrive during the holiday season.

It might seem unpractical at first, but your summer crop tops can actually be easily transitioned into autumnal wear with some thoughtful layering. I always love to pair crop tops with high-waisted jeans or skirts, as it makes you look taller by visually shifting your waist upwards while elongating the legs. Fashion crop tops for women online can come in many styles, for instance long or short sleeves, off shoulder and button details, as well as your choice of colour. As per usual I tend to stick to neutral shades such as black or white because they work well year round. Throw on a cozy cardigan or leather jacket over it and you have a cute outfit!

The online boutique also has a variety of beautiful dresses in their line of fashion tops online for women that would be perfect for back to school shopping. Deep burgundy reds are great for fall time, and you can always add over the knee boots or tights under dresses for extra warmth as the days become cooler. Dresses can elevate a look to be more sophisticated and feminine; I enjoy wearing them because of the flowing fabric and ease of movement.




disclaimer: this post was sponsored by Yoins