Le Dîner en Blanc Tips


Wearing: Oak+Fort Dress

Wearing: Oak+Fort Dress

Le Dîner en Blanc is an exclusive dinner party where all the guests have to wear all white. It’s hosted at secret outdoor locations all around the world and I wanted to share some tips with you after attending the event this year.  IMG_3621

Getting an Invite:

The selection process happens in phases. The patrons are allowed a plus one so I was able to bring a friend too. Phase 1 is for already established members who get first pick, Phase 2 is for people that members sponsor to attend, and Phase 3 is the wait list for everyone else. From what I’ve heard this list can be extensive as they only let a certain number of participants join.

Your best bet is to first see if you have any friends or family members going who would be kind enough to have you as a guest, or if they could sponsor you to come. While there is a ticket price and additional membership fee that adds up if you purchase catering as well, I do think it’s worth it for the experience at least once in your life.

Tip: Prep in Advance

For Le Dîner en Blanc you will need a square table (approx 24×24 inches up to 30×30 inches) as well as  two white folding chairs. You can usually find these at IKEA and Canadian Tire around this time of year. The table does not have to be white as you will cover it with a white tablecloth. Get everything off your checklist in advance to have less stress the week of.

Tip: Shoes to Walk In

This year Le Dîner en Blanc grew so much that it hosted two separate locations, one by motor coach and one by transit. Since the venues are kept secret until the very last minute, you may need to do significant walking after meeting with your group to arrive there. I would recommend flats over heels as you’ll also be carrying everything with you so ensure that everything you bring is as light as possible.

Tip: Stay Organized

Arrive on time and know the seating plan because we lost our table leader in the beginning and it took a while to find her. There were some folks who pulled around their gear in wagons or dollies which looked easier than lugging it all by hand. It’s easy to spot the place as you can just follow the sea of white congregating towards a location. Also bring cameras and portable chargers for your devices to take lots of pretty photos.

Finally, enjoy the experience!