Zaful Review

This is a follow up blog post about my order from Zaful the online clothing store. They are always having awesome sales all year round so checking periodically helps a lot if you have particular items in mind, plus it’s always fun to browse the website.

The first item of clothing I received in the mail was this pair of faux leather pants. They have five pockets which is amazing since a lot of other women’s fashion do not have pockets (why is this?? It’s quite frustrating) The trousers are more of a matte black in person as opposed to the glossy exterior in the photo, which I like because it blends more easily with other black clothing, which still keeping an edge from the different material. A pair of faux leather pants is definitely a wardrobe essential in my opinion.
IMG_5641Next, here is the exact blush dress that I was eyeing in the wishlist post. The colour is a lovely neutral shade which goes to prove that neutral colours don’t just have to be black and white! You do have to tie the sleeve ribbons tightly or else they have a tendency to slip off, but I do love the style of the dress overall. This would look so fabulous paired with a chic leather jacket.
IMG_5645 IMG_5647Finally I ordered some smaller items, including some makeup compact cushions to try. These will be used as replacements for my current setting powder puff. Also got a couple of false eyelashes; would suggest washing them first since I’m always careful about what to put near my eyes. These are a full wispy set, still natural but adds volume.IMG_5633






disclaimer: this post was made in collaboration with Zaful, but all opinions are my own.